Body feeling trampoline

Body feeling trampoline
Release time:2020-08-07 14:49;09click:second,Author: create an interactive vision

  The motion-sensing trampoline is composed of a trampoline, a motion-sensing device and a projection or electronic screen. The whole game process is realized through the transmission of motion-sensing data. In the motion-sensing trampoline software, the theme setting and cool images of the game are enriched. Users can experience bungee jumping, space flight, deep-sea staying up late, jungle adventure and other game contents during the game. Users can fully experience the fun of motion-sensing trampoline through the setting of different themes and different ways of playing.

  The motion-feeling trampoline is mainly positioned as an interactive game for children, which can be applied to naughty castle, parent-child project, campus, game competition and other places, which can greatly improve the popularity of various places.


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