Somatosensory answer

Somatosensory answer
Release time:2020-08-07 14:39;17click:second,Author: create an interactive vision

  Adopting the international leading algorithm, it can accurately, sensitively and stably recognize gestures, and operate the edited pictures, videos, 3D models and other contents with contactless gesture control. It has the characteristics of diversified display transformation effects, strong sense of science fiction and science and technology, etc. Knowledge q&A/interactive game platform breaks through the traditional mouse, keyboard and touch screen and other contact q&A system, allowing users to learn knowledge while entertaining.

  The motion-sensing knowledge Q&A/interactive game platform adopts the latest motion-sensing interactive technology, allowing users to answer questions through simple and natural body language. A breakthrough in the traditional mouse, keyboard, touch screen and other contact question-and-answer system, users do not need to touch any device, so that users can learn knowledge in a rich science fiction, interactive and interesting environment. This cool interactive question-and-answer system can be widely used in museums, libraries, science and technology museums, education, exhibitions and other fields.



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