Magic wall

Magic wall
Release time:2020-08-21 17:21;24click:second,Author: create an interactive vision

  No color of the still world, will also be luminous ground to move. The interactive magic wall USES the projection radar interactive technology. When the experient touches the map (or projected picture) on the wall with his or her finger, there will be corresponding animation display, bringing the original static animation to life.

  Magic wall integrates entertainment, puzzle and science popularization as one. When experiencers touch the digital wall technology to provide eye-catching touching elements on the wall, it will present corresponding dynamic visual content and create a comprehensive interactive wall experience. When touching the wall pattern with hands, the corresponding special effects touch the elements on the wall. According to the effect of contacting the picture with excellent blocks and the appearance of sound, several elements can be touched simultaneously.

  Many people can interact and drive the atmosphere and popularity of the venue. The theme is rich in content and interactive. Knowledge is rich in content. Theme content brings knowledge point, lively and entertaining


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