Customized land

Customized land
Release time:2020-08-07 15:05;13click:second,Author: create an interactive vision

  Ground interactive projection is an advanced projection technology integrating commercial value and entertainment. Virtual reality technology is used to project the completed picture onto the ground in the form of projection, and dynamic capture technology is used to realize the real-time interaction between human and the ground dynamic picture. When people walk through the interactive zone, the interaction effect will change accordingly with your steps, bringing everyone a magical experience.

  On the basis of years of accumulation, Chuangyi Vision has created many creative ground interactive projection projects for users' higher customization requirements. This is a new form of publicity and release, a very interesting model of integrated participation, convenient, concise, timely. Relevant interactive projected content can be programmed according to the application situation and the effect of customer requirements, and the content can be updated conveniently.

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