Simulated traffic

Simulated traffic
Release time:2020-08-07 15:11;37click:second,Author: create an interactive vision

  The smooth operation of traffic needs traffic rules, and the orderly development of the world also needs various rules. Making children understand the meaning of rules is of profound significance to the development of children. How can children understand this more easily? The light and shadow interactive game "Traffic simulation" developed by a science and technology may bring children a subtle influence.

  With children's favorite "lego toys", create various s trains, cars, planes, ships, traffic's magic is not only for traditional building blocks toys injected new vitality, also through the actual interaction, let the children in the game to remember the evolution and development of transportation, and after many traffic world cooperation to create brilliant. The imagination of children is the future of the world.

  It is suitable for children's amusement park, playground, naughty castle, park, parent-child activity site and other multimedia interactive places.


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