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  This is a light and shadow scene of qingze natural biosphere knowledge. After entering the space, the ground passing by will present the effect of the healing of all things. Tourists standing still will see it as the sun, so that the wall will call for flowers to grow on the ground, and flowers will bloom

  And the effect of week zero. On the ground, all kinds of creatures with their own energy ball of light will gather together to create the flower of life, gather the ball of light, standing on the flower of life can call the dream whale.

  Occasionally an octopus will appear to steal the flower of life, children can beat off the ghost octopus by stomping on it, and the light ball of the animal can also destroy the devil's most fish, and will cause very large bubbles.

  Finally, in the surface space, you can also appear in the ecological chain animals such as western whales, turtles, crocodiles, lizards, frogs and butterflies in the paper above.

  Applicable to field shadow: indoor paradise, outdoor night shadow projects

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