Dynamic throwing 2.0

Dynamic throwing 2.0
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  Ground interactive projection is a kind of interactive projection technology, is more common in our life projection games, mainly through video motion capture technology, analysis the movement of people, so as to realize the perfect effect of human-computer interaction, let players don't need to use any device, through their own body movements can simple manipulation game, bring a seems so unreal, fun, wonderful game world.

  Ground interactive projection game advantage

  1. Changeable picture

  The ground interactive projection retains the original exquisite picture, rich and colorful pictures, and adds human motion capture interactive technology, making the display more vivid, vivid and interesting, which can bring people into a wonderful and dreamlike world.

  2. Be interesting

  The ground interactive games retain the original projected images or videos, but what is different from the traditional projection is that the ground interactive projection games are not comparable in interest, which brings a lot of interest to consumers in practice.

  3. It can be customized according to requirements

  The interactive projection game on the ground has walking on the water, the waves ripple; Walking on the grass, flowers bloom with the pace; Walking in the woods, frightened birds, etc., suitable for all public indoor places, especially amusement parks, children's amusement parks, indoor amusement parks. The effect can be customized for you according to the application and actual needs.

  4. Gather people

  Ground interactive projection game has a high novelty and ornamental, can be very active scene atmosphere, is a good way to gather popularity.

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