Light shadow interactive face ball

Light shadow interactive face ball
Release time:2020-08-07 15:20;16click:second,Author: create an interactive vision

  AR interactive facial sphere - ambiguous 9 colors and basic 3 colors reveal changing emotions

  Large glowing colored balls, each disciplined and constantly standing. Floating freely in the air, the light ball also stands up continuously with the ceiling.

  These light ball will not only in that because of ambiguity by 9 kinds of color (light of water through the grass of the sun, sunrise, the sky in the morning and the evening sky, peach fruit, plum fruit, flower calamus, maple leaf spring) as well as the basis of three kinds of color (blue, red, green) for a total of 12 kinds of color changing; When people walk through the sphere of faces, they can project their faces onto the sphere through the AR interactive device.

  When the tiny expression is magnified, the atmosphere becomes wonderful, and the mixed expression of various emotions is like a brief spiritual rest in the forest of colors.



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