Wishing tree

Wishing tree
Release time:2020-08-07 14:35;18click:second,Author: create an interactive vision

  Ar wishing tree is a cool AR simulation wishing tree wishing software. The software can quickly locate the position and automatically generate an AR image to simulate the wishing tree, so that users can edit text wishes, camera shooting or video recording to record, and record beautiful moments on the mobile phone at any time.

  Wishing tree, which advocates a cool way to make wishes in science fiction. Pre-production a rich formative lamp as a wishing tree, the user mobile phones on the wishing tree, which is used to identify the AR object tracking, can see on your phone's wish dream characters around the lamp around the rise, enter text can make their own wishes, can also be sent to different cities for your relatives and friends to see, also can take pictures photos to share this beautiful moment. AR Wishing Tree keeps your wish information forever, and you can take out your mobile phone anytime and anywhere to check or make new wishes.

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