Holographic flower sea

Holographic flower sea
Release time:2020-08-21 17:24;44click:second,Author: create an interactive vision

  The theme of the hologram flower Sea is: sakura sea, Lily sea, Sunflower sea, million flower sea.

  It is as if you are in a virtual sea of flowers interwoven with light and shadow. Close gazing, reaching out and touching or stepping on flowers can affect the birth, blooming and even fading of flowers in space. Touch the butterfly lightly and run away, touch the blooming flowers, the flowers fade. Immerse the audience in this colorful virtual world and start an immersive interactive experience.

  Holographic flower Sea function:

  1. There will be flowers of different sizes at the positions the experiencers walk through, which will gradually grow from the initial bud to the state of full bloom. When the experiencers step on the blooming flowers again, the flowers will scatter into petals, which will generate a series of interactions with the experiencers from growth to decay.

  2. On the wall, there will be various kinds of animals moving through the sea of flowers.

  3. When the experiencer touches a butterfly flying in the flower sea, it will be frightened and stir its wings to fly away quickly.

  4. The background video of flower sea supports replacement, and the background music can be replaced.

  5. The system is independently developed by our company, and the effect can be changed according to your needs.



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