Night tour in Wuzhen

Night tour in Wuzhen
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  If Wuzhen gives you the original feeling of jiangnan water in the daytime, then Wuzhen will bring you a completely different feeling at night. People often say that "sleeping in Wuzhen, sleeping in jiangnan water", which explains the beauty of Wuzhen night from one side.

  Dongzha scenic area also has night scenery can be appreciated, but compared with The West Zha, its scale and momentum obviously slightly inferior.

  As night fell, time-controlled floodlights came on, rendering the entire west Fence crystal-clear. Under the ancient trees, in the arch of the bridge, in the water column of the pavilion, on the steps of the river port, all kinds of warm and cool colors of the dots, blocks, linear lights reflect each other; Towering horse head wall, Guanyin dou, undulating old building ridge line, the building pavilion coreaves raised Angle, even row upon row of tiles are outlined by the light of the outline of the natural color; More home stay, restaurants decorated with lanterns; The glimmering lights in the doors and Windows of the aborigines' homes reveal the warmth of the family. The whole West Fence looks like a magnificent building, which makes people wonder where they are.

  Hiring a boat may be the most enjoyable way to spend a night at the West Fence. Xizha lights night scene the most concentrated place is the West city River, along the West city River rafting, the boat is like floating in the river lights, lights reflect on the water, the paddle gently swaying, such as cut a pool of silver. From a stone bridge through, as if the shuttle in a time and space tunnel, if you have a heart, you can also stop the boat to read the pair of meaning long bridge, in the night chew the pieces of history and culture. Rise suddenly, command boatman berth bank, in beside the river wine shop in the wine face the wind, not as well quick Zai!

  Of course, you can also wander freely in the streets with a faint halo. You need not worry completely bright such as the street of day can destroy the mood that you seek secluded, besides a few ancient color street lamp on old street alley, illuminate antique carved window, gate Lou, the LED light source of firework wall is environmental protection energy saving, not the loneliness of dazzling. It is only when you turn off the street and step onto the stone bridge that a world of Milky Way bursts forth.

  The beauty of Xizha at night is transcendent and free from vulgarity. No matter from the exquisite conception or the grand momentum, it is rare to see in domestic scenic spots, and it is a beauty that tourists can't miss.


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