Holographic Restaurant

Holographic Restaurant
Release time:2020-08-21 17:23;49click:second,Author: create an interactive vision

  When the dishes and utensils are placed on the table, the world that was once concentrated and enclosed in the dishes and utensils is released and then extends to the table and the whole space. When the world released from cooking and utensils is connected with each other, a whole new world will be constructed in the whole space.

  For example, a bird born in a container will stop on the branches of a tree when it finds a tree born in a surrounding container. And the trees that come out of the utensils are not the same every time, and the trees will change in shape and size, influenced by the world that is now being created on the table. And the created world on and around the table is also influenced by the behaviour of the viewer, with the bird landing on his hand when he is stationary and possibly flying away when the environment becomes noisy. The worlds released from the various utensils placed on the table influence each other and are also influenced by the way people behave, and together they create a world. The image that appears in this moment will never appear again. It will change forever.

  Anything placed on a table will be detected by the AI. Thus, the viewer is free to place the vessel where he or she likes.


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