Do you know the advantages of a holographic restaurant?
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  3D holographic projection, also known as immersive virtual imaging, works in a similar way to naked eye 3D. It combines the projection technology with the content of 3D image and USES screen as the projection carrier. Through the projector, the 3d dynamic video is projected onto the front and back three directions of the seamless Mosaic screen and the middle screen, creating a dreamlike and gorgeous three-dimensional effect. The screen has good perspective and from a distance appears to be an image in the air. Combined with the three-dimensional effect of 270 degree THREE-DIMENSIONAL imaging, the space has an immersive dynamic three-dimensional effect, and the scene can be changed at will according to different needs. 3D holographic projection restaurant is a multimedia restaurant composed of naked eye 3D main screen, holographic projection stage, naked eye 3D ring screen, 3D interactive T stage, 3D interactive projection table and intelligent central control system.

  In the current catering industry, the competition is more and more fierce, and it is more and more difficult to get more customers. However, with the development of science and technology, a new form of catering development appears in front of people, this is holographic projection technology packaging holographic digital restaurant. The main disadvantages of the restaurant industry are as follows.

  Lack of freshness is difficult to attract the collective attention of mainstream consumers; Restaurant style homogenization serious, single style; Luxurious decorations are costly and time-consuming and dangerous. Traditional dining experience is tacky, unable to meet the collective needs of mainstream consumer groups. Catering industry competition is fierce, difficult to encircle; As far as the form of holographic projection restaurant is concerned, the catering industry is good at dealing with these disadvantages.

  From a specific perspective, holographic digital restaurants have their own solutions to deal with pain points in the catering industry, which is also its dominant position: Holographic projection themes are rich and varied, which can be customized according to the restaurant's brand positioning, dishes, etc., to make the restaurant style more recognized; High-tech elements make the restaurant more scientific, high imitation to experience the atmosphere, more concise to attract the attention of customers.

  In particular, the post-80s, post-90s and post-00s who like to pursue novelty and high-end enjoyment among the mainstream consumer groups; Low investment cost, simple wall can complete the holographic effect; The construction period is short and the site can be transformed into a good holographic system. It is not bound by the traditional decorative style, can change the theme of the restaurant landscape as needed. The background can be constantly updated and enriched to meet the needs of different theme scenarios.


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