What are the types of holographic projections? What is holog
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  Glass is an ancient building material that has been around since ancient Egypt. With the common development of human society, the glass industry has created a variety of glass with unique functions, making the glass family continue to flourish, such as bulletproof glass, photoelectric glass, vacuum glass, etc., which play an irreplaceable role in their respective fields. We will introduce what holographic projection glass is and explain its characteristics.

  What is holographic projection glass

  What is holographic projection Glass holographic projection how many kinds?

  Holographic projection glass is an advanced vacuum magnetron reactive sputtering technology. It is mainly used for intelligent rearview mirror, mobile phone screen, holographic projection, phantom imaging, high-end TV panel and so on. Holographic projection is a technique for recording and reproducing a real three-dimensional image of an object using the principles of interference and diffraction.

  The first step is to use the interference principle to record the light wave information of the object, namely the shooting process: the photographed object forms a diffuse beam under the laser irradiation; The other part of the laser as a reference beam shoots into the holographic plate and the object beam superimposes interference, putting the phase and amplitude of each point the object light wave intensity changes in the space, and then recording all the information of the object light wave through the use of contrast and the time interval between the interference fringes. The negative film recording interference fringes is developed and fixed into hologram or hologram. The second step is to reproduce the light wave information of the object using diffraction principles, the imaging process: the hologram is like a complex grating. Under coherent laser irradiation, two kinds of images, namely the original image (also known as the initial image) and the conjugate image, can be obtained from the diffraction wave of the linearly recorded sinusoidal hologram. The reconstructed image has strong stereoscopic effect and real visual effect. Each part of the hologram records light information at every point on the object, so in principle each part can reproduce the entire image of the original, and multiple exposures can record several different images on the same plate, and each can be displayed separately and undisturbed.

  Second, the classification of holographic projection

  Firstly, the classification of holographic projection can be divided into 180 degree holographic projection and 360 degree holographic projection and phantom imaging

  Holographic projection technology is a popular high-tech technology in recent years, it is the use of holographic film projection image content to display products as a means of promotion. It provides an amazing holographic image that can be imprinted on glass or acrylic material. New interactive display technology combines decoration and practicality, completely transparent and image-free, bringing new interactive experience to users, which has become a fashion in product display and marketing. Holographic projection equipment includes: holographic projector, holographic projection screen, holographic projection film, holographic projection content production, etc.


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