How much does it cost to build a holographic projection them
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  Food, clothing and shelter are part of our daily lives, but do you know what sparks happen when restaurants collide with 3D holographic projection technology? Recently, 3D holographic theme restaurants have become popular on the Internet, attracting the attention of many consumers with their unique visual effects. How much does it cost to build a 3D holographic theme restaurant?

  What is a 3D holographic projection themed restaurant?

  3D holographic theme restaurant is a multimedia restaurant composed of naked eye 3D, holographic projection, 3D interactive desktop and intelligent central control system.

  Advantages of 3D holographic theme restaurants

  Compared with traditional banquet halls, 3D holographic restaurants are more diversified and convenient in layout and lower in cost. The 3D holographic restaurant only needs a 3D video source to switch scenes at any time.

  Factors influencing the price of 3D holographic theme restaurants

  According to the effect expected by customers and actual site factors, the actual environment of the three-dimensional holographic theme restaurant is understood. This need to understand the layout, site area, the height and the actual situation of the other restaurants, according to the naked eye 3 d main screen, holographic projection phase, glasses-free 3 d screen, 3 d interactive desktop, 3 d interactive projection table, intelligent central control system, and so on, these are more realistic effect need to be increased, which will affect the price of 3 d holographic restaurant.

  Unlike a traditional restaurant setting, the layout is bulky and expensive. 3D holographic restaurant, the whole cheap and convenient, as long as there is 3D video source, scene switch in a few minutes. One might ask that so many advantages of a 3D holographic restaurant must be very expensive. In fact, based on reality, it's even cheap.

  So how much does a 3D holographic theme restaurant cost? For this kind of project, only after understanding the actual situation of the restaurant, can be assessed according to the relevant needs and the need for effectiveness. That is to say, the quotation in the case of not knowing the project is a virtual price, and there is a big gap with the actual price. An accurate price can be given when an on-site investigation is required.


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