What is the future prospect of holographic wedding projectio
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  The wedding market is huge. Statistics show that more than 10 million couples get married in China every year, and the average cost for each couple is between 100.000 yuan and 200.000 yuan. It is estimated that the total consumption generated by marriage is about 1.5 trillion yuan.

  Wedding market image service is gradually upgraded to a good state, projection scheme with sound and light, foil the beautiful atmosphere, create gorgeous effect.

  The grand banquet hall we visited this time, with an area of 1500 square meters and a height of 9 meters, is a top-grade pillarless banquet hall in Changsha, which can accommodate 1000 people to attend large-scale wedding banquet at the same time.

  The holographic projection scheme turns the grand Ballroom into a dreamlike wedding banquet space.

  The finished 4D holographic banquet hall has a wide vision and shocking effect

  Dream Horizon creates a 4D holographic banquet hall solution. Independent research and development of immersive 4D 3D experience digital system, is an innovative cultural service enterprise, widely used in hotel banquet, tourist attractions, commercial real estate, cultural creativity, celebration performance and other fields.

  Features of the project

  The spacious banquet hall space is open, needs the dynamic picture of the big picture, the color is bright, smooth, exquisite. Image quality is the primary focus of users' attention.

  And create a widescreen, for the projector to enhance the strict requirements; In addition, projectors are often used after the completion of the project, and the stability and durability of the quality of the test, posed a great challenge to the later maintenance.

  Projectors make the holographic wedding stage more powerful and attractive

  After multiple considerations and product selection, 20 projectors successfully created a dreamlike 4D holographic wedding stage shocking big picture!

  At present, with the more and more personalized pursuit of young people, as well as the star effect such as Ah marriage, holographic wedding has become the new rich in the wedding market.

  Holographic wedding projection scheme makes the stage breakthrough plane, holographic stage, naked eye 3D, ring 3D, runway ground interaction, wedding projection and other rich presentation methods applied to the wedding, creating a visual feast!


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