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  An important technology used in the 5D holographic projection restaurant is holographic technology.

  What is 5D holographic projection / 5D holographic projection restaurant

  5D holographic projection Restaurant is very popular in recent years. Projection technology is to create a hologram restaurant with the image content of holographic film projection technology, also known as the hologram Restaurant, immersive 5D restaurant,3D holographic immersive restaurant,3D Holographic restaurant, holographic theme restaurant,3D Holographic Restaurant and so on. Here it is important to pay special attention to the 3 d holographic projection is a general designation, according to the hotel business scope, may have different names, such as hot pot of holographic hot pot restaurant run, run the holographic projection western restaurant, the food can also achieve immersive multi-functional conference room, restaurant and performance of 3 d holographic projection can have the baptism of a wedding hall, whatever they may have different names, but the use of technology is the same, just holographic projection set is slightly different.

  Ii. Technical principle of 5D holographic projection restaurant

  The technical principle of 5D holographic projection restaurant is relatively simple, that is, the desired image is projected through projection, and then the image is corrected into a complete image through the fusion correction system.

  Three, the restaurant features 5D holographic projection

  5 D holographic projection features, the restaurant has the following items :1. Soak, the more immersive environment is the architectural modeling. From the outside of the room, virtual capsules are built into the space door, and push the door open to enter the capsule. 2. flexibility, agility, mainly is two aspects, decorate the content changes of flexibility and flexibility, flexibility can be a white wall adornment, also can be a light color relief decoration, the freedom of choice, the picture content can be based on holidays or time series to the bottom of the sea, sky and forest, the sea, such as material, can replace keys, very convenient. 3. Trendy, this immersive 5D holographic projection restaurant integrates music, film, relief and other art forms, which is very innovative and will not be eliminated in a long time.

  Iv. 5D holographic projection restaurant type

  Holographic 5D banquet hall is generally composed of different types, such as 3D holographic reception desk, 3D interactive layer, 3D surround wall, 5D virtual stage, 5D holographic dining table, 5D holographic ordering system, etc. You can select one or more types individually, but not more is better. It can be considered comprehensively according to the budget and site conditions.

  Among them, the 5D holographic table can be paired with the restaurant's special dishes to produce corresponding animated dishes. In the process of waiting for the dishes, the guests seem to see a theme movie of the restaurant, which makes the boredom of waiting become vivid and interesting. 5D holographic ordering: The original ordering system required one-to-one service from waiters, which wasted time. This problem can be solved by optimizing the self-service ordering system. When a guest selects a dish from a menu projected on the table, the customer's order can be sent directly to the front desk by scanning the QR code.

  5. The main equipment of the restaurant is 5D holographic projection

  The main equipment of 5D holographic projection restaurant includes: engineering projector, holographic screen, projection stand, video fusion device, playback system, central control system, 5D holographic content, infrared camera, control terminal, etc., among which the core part is projector, holographic screen, 5D holographic content.

  Six, do 5D holographic projection restaurant some Suggestions

  The design Suggestions for the 5D holographic projection restaurant are as follows: First, make clear your own needs, and then form words and pictures to meet the needs of lUE. First, it is convenient for lUE to meet its needs; second, it is convenient for inquiry; otherwise, it is easy to be fooled by businesses and add unnecessary equipment. 2. Do not take the price as the only consideration. Merchants have already made reasonable profits before the follow-up services. 3. Pay attention to the continuity of content: If the restaurant is to operate for a long time, it is better to have continuous video updates, so that it can be updated frequently. If the content stays the same for more than a year, it will inevitably become boring.


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