Holograms can be used to flip through books. Have you seen t
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  When we visit various pavilions, museums and cultural centers, we always hope to have some novel visiting experience. The monotony of large screens, all-in-ones and the like can be a bit tedious. Modern high-tech display equipment in the exhibition hall is essential. If it can be combined with the content of the exhibition, the effect will be very good. Today, we will introduce a multimedia display project - holographic projection in the exhibition hall.

  A holographic projection can flip a book

  Projection page - turning is also called interactive page - turning, virtual page - turning. The books on display will be digitized and visitors will be able to find out what they are interested in through interactive body movements. Its sense of science and technology, interactive, interesting, is the traditional all-in-one machine or computer equipment can not be compared.

  Second, the composition of the holographic projection book

  Projection of the hardware side of the book, need projector, infrared sensor, video collector, book model cabinet, speaker system, etc., the software system mainly includes the induction system program, as well as the content playback system program. Digital display content, mainly some pictures, text, video or interactive animation and other content.

  Third, the application scope of the holographic projection turning book

  Every gallery has something, more or less, not just a sentence or a painting or two. So the projection of books is very widely used, all kinds of exhibition halls have been widely used. Such as 5G smart exhibition hall, urban planning Hall, science and technology Hall, museum, school history hall, Party Building Hall, corporate culture hall, etc.

  Four, the holographic projection of the book price composition

  The price of projection flip book is mainly composed of the hardware equipment, the customization cost of displaying digital content and the customization cost of software requiring special functions. Prices vary depending on the richness of the configuration and custom content. For pricing details, please contact our online customer service and business manager.


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