How to use holographic projection technology to enhance the
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  The exhibition shows the "immersive" experience of the site, which includes the five human senses, mainly in visual, auditory and emotional aspects. The value of culture to people is very important for cultivating people's sentiment and improving people's perception, which requires people to feel and understand the connotation of culture whole-heartedly, which is also one of the reasons why cultural centers introduce immersive experience.

  In the layout design of historical and cultural center, interactive projection is often used to create an immersive experience.

  On the one hand, the emergence and development of historical culture is always related to some landmark landscape, architecture or mountains and rivers in history. In the process of exhibition, interactive projection should be adopted to display relevant scenes, enrich the visual experience of the exhibition hall, so that the audience can better integrate into it. Even the outdoor landscape, which still exists today, cannot be transported directly to the pavilion. Dynamic representation requires interactive projection. At this level, the content displayed in the interactive projection corresponds to the presence of a background panel. Curved curtain, ball curtain, circular curtain, L curtain, single-side projection system and other systems are used to create a picturesque ancient landscape in the space of the reinforced concrete pavilion.

  On the other hand, some cultural relics need to be displayed digitally through interactive projection. For example, calligraphy, paintings, calligraphy and posters and other exhibits, long-term display cabinets are not conducive to the protection of cultural relics, nor is it convenient for the audience to see closely. Through high-precision digital scanning and color filling, and then presented in the form of interactive projection, the audience has the opportunity to observe the details of the works in zero distance, which greatly improves the display experience.

  This kind of display technique can avoid some important painting and calligraphy cultural relics being exposed to light and air for a long time, which is conducive to the protection of cultural relics.

  At present, domestic interactive projection technology has been mature, low cost, good imaging effect, widely used, has become a necessary display means of immersive experience space.


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