Find out what holographic projection needs
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  The application of holographic projection in life and work is more and more common. It can be seen in large museums, exhibition halls, amusement parks, cinemas, stage performances, product fairs, airports, subways and various exhibition projects.

  As an advanced projection technology, when the audience approaches the interactive area, various interactive effects will change with the audience's actions. The interactive projection system of simple visual information includes interactive drawing board, virtual page-turning book, desktop interactive projection, air interactive projection, wall interactive projection and immersive interactive projection.

  The main equipment of holographic projection technology: projector, signal receiver, equipment hanger, server, control software, speaker, multimedia software, projection screen, etc. The interactive projection system consists of the following parts: signal acquisition, stop capture and shooting. According to the interactive requirements, the capture equipment includes infrared sensor, camera, thermal camera and so on.

  Signal processing local, local stop analysis of real-time data acquisition, the generated data and virtual scene docking system imaging place, with a projector or other imaging equipment, is now a specific location of the image, in addition to the projector imaging equipment, plasma device, LCD,LED screen can interact with the carrier image.


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