The right way to open a restaurant
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  The rise of short video platforms has also brought a new dining concept -- "holographic restaurants". Immerse yourself in holographic projection technology for experienced foodies. Environments can be forests, beaches, ancient towns, etc., offering interesting and extraordinary dining experiences. Holographic projection restaurant combines the current popular elements and regional traditional culture, so that the vast number of diners unprepared.

  Holographic restaurant is the use of multiple projection equipment projection of various forms of curtain wall, through the stitching method, the curtain wall, floor, dining table, ceiling accurately display the content, forming a multi-angle, multi-level, cohesive image. At the same time, holographic images are made on the wall according to the contents consistent with the restaurant's decoration style, so that customers can enjoy the audio-visual feast brought by the holographic restaurant from the first time they enter the restaurant.

  Holographic restaurant various scenes, such as romantic flowers of the sea, huge stars, magical forest, deep sea, etc., can also be customized according to the needs of customers, with strong practicality, and can meet the needs of different occasions, such as the atmosphere of the banquet hall, serious construction of large conference reception.

  Digital display, as a perfect combination of products and restaurants in the era of high-tech development, perfectly meets the deeper needs of customers for restaurants, allowing customers to enjoy "beautiful scenery" while enjoying delicious food, bringing customer flow and reputation for the restaurant.

  The company is mainly engaged in the research, development and manufacturing of holographic image, interactive system, THREE-DIMENSIONAL image technology, various lighting technologies, as well as the design, planning and implementation of holographic dance, interactive entertainment, night lighting, cultural tourism, and night LED light performance. On the basis of the flexible application of acoustic and photoelectric technology, through scientific planning, the regional cultural background and light environment art are organically combined to create a diversified environment of culture, entertainment and shopping at night to create a colorful and attractive light and shadow space.


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