How big is the holographic restaurant?
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  Today, the application of digital display technology is no longer limited to the design of each pavilion. More and more industries are beginning to digitize transformation, such as the holographic window of FMCG industry and the holographic restaurant of catering industry.

  As far as hotel banquet industry is concerned, how to make the scene layout design of banquet hall win the hearts of consumers? This is a common problem in the hotel industry. Based on fashion unique personality and other elements, the visual shock of the holographic restaurant emerged.

  Holographic restaurant using virtual reality, digital multimedia technology, to create a rich and colorful three-dimensional image. Under this kind of effect, the virtual image is lifelike and indistinguishable, and the visual effect is extremely lifelike.

  At the same time, in the holographic restaurant, a virtual and real double image world is created to realize the real interaction between participants and images, so that the audience is impacted by the audio-visual double sense. Clever design and stage effects bring the main characters into play, giving a dreamlike experience.

  Compared with traditional banquet hall, holographic restaurant has the advantage of personalized customization. Traditional banquet hall has the disadvantage of high conversion cost and easy elimination. The traditional banquet hall is not only difficult to be realized in different scenes, but also cannot meet the personalized needs of consumers.

  3D holographic restaurant combines naked eye 3D, ring 3D, wedding projection, ground interactive projection, real scene and sound and light combination of the banquet hall overall plan. On the basis of mutual cooperation, through touch selection mode, immersive visual feast, fantasy fairy tale, underwater world and romantic flower sea, the instantaneous switch of each scene can be realized, the fixed form of traditional banquet props can be changed, and the changes of various scenes can be realized.

  Holographic projection technology is a common multimedia display method, whether in each exhibition hall or in the stage design. In the long run, holographic restaurant will become the "new favorite" of hotel banquet industry with its uniqueness and application advantages.

  More and more hotels are choosing to enhance their competitiveness through holographic restaurants, and more and more couples want a unique wedding. With the continuous progress of holographic projection technology, the technology is more and more applied in banquet hall, holographic stage, holographic wedding dress, 5D holographic image restaurant and other forms, attracting more and more hotels to participate.


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