What's another name for holographic projection technology?
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  Holographic projection, also known as virtual imaging, USES interference and diffraction principles to record and reproduce a real three-dimensional image of an object. Technical principle, using the principle of interference to record the object light wave information, that is, the shooting process. The object is irradiated by a laser to form a diffuse beam of the object; The other part of the laser as a reference beam shoots into the holographic plate and the object beam superimposes interference, putting the phase and amplitude of each point the object light wave intensity changes in the space, and then recording all the information of the object light wave through the use of contrast and the time interval between the interference fringes. The negative recording the interference fringes is then developed, fixed, and processed into a hologram.

  The diffraction principle is used to reproduce the light wave information of the object, that is, the imaging process. A hologram is like a complex grating. Under coherent laser irradiation, two kinds of images, namely the original image (also known as the initial image), can be obtained from the diffraction wave of the linearly recorded sinusoidal hologram. The reconstructed image has strong stereoscopic effect and real visual effect. Each part of the hologram records light information at every point on the object, so in principle each part can reproduce the entire image of the original. Multiple exposures can record multiple different images on the same plate and can be displayed separately without interference. Holographic projection technology can not only produce the illusion of stereo and air, but also make the illusion interact with the performer, which can produce shocking performance effect. Use product displays, stage shows, bar entertainment interactive projection, etc.

  Fog screen transmitter can be installed on the ceiling of the room, can be installed in any space, without adding any obstacles, the real realization of people in the screen through the magic effect. Fog screen is a new type of display media, widely used in stage, theater, media exhibition institutions and other places. Window interactive projection advertising is a new hotspot in projection technology and an upgraded version of ground interactive projection advertising. Interactive start also known as magic window, electronic window, touch screen large screen. The interactive window features new capacitive sensing and optical projection imaging technologies that turn glass walls (glass doors) into large and unique touch screens. By clicking the image screen on the glass outside the store, customers can inquire product information and learn about the enterprise brand and culture.


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