Wanda children's paradise

Wanda children's paradise
Release time:2020-08-01 13:29;21click:second,Author: create an interactive vision

  Each habitat is operated on a separate equipment. There are 15 projection machines in the whole site to ensure the effect, 7 for the ground, 6 for the wall and 2 for the waterfall. The whole system is like a VR game without wearing VR. Children enter a wonderful world. Tourists can also control the evaporation rate of water and affect the growth rate of plants to increase the change trend of the game.

  Interestingly, as plants grow in different habitats, animals respond differently based on their environment. If the habitat is benign, animals move from one habitat to another, triggering a chain of interesting reactions. The laws of nature are clearly displayed in front of our eyes. Participating in the process of nature can bring special sensory experience.

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