Exhibition Hall

Exhibition Hall
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  The exhibition hall of Party building culture is an important window to warn against corruption. It transforms the intangible into tangible form, with novel forms of communication and strong warning. It is easy to accept and resonate with the participants. It has a significant effect in disseminating the culture of Party building and promoting the mainstream values of Party Building.

  The forms and carriers of the party building education are becoming more and more diversified. How to effectively guide visitors to correctly understand the corruption phenomenon, cultivate the sense of integrity, carry forward the clean and healthy atmosphere, and cultivate moral sentiment, so as to make the awareness of clean government more targeted and effective is an urgent problem. Party style and Party building has become the soul and backbone of our nation, so the party building exhibition hall is particularly important, it is the direct train between the people and the party. Through the multimedia exhibition hall of Party building, people can have a more intuitive understanding of the party's culture and the heroic deeds of leaders. It is also the guide of enterprise culture, which cultivates the people to form the party's values and behavior norms, and injects a new source for the construction of the party's style.

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