Exhibition hall of digital Expo

Exhibition hall of digital Expo
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  Guiyang International Convention and Exhibition Center is located in the north of Guandong road and the west of Changling North Road, Jinyang New District, Guiyang city. It is adjacent to the municipal administrative center of Guiyang city. To the west is the Guanshan park with original ecological landscape, with a total land area of 94 hectares (1408 Mu). The project was invested and developed by Zhongtian Chengtou group, completed and put into use at the end of 2010. It is one of the largest multi-functional international convention and exhibition centers with the most complete functions and the most advanced facilities in China. Guiyang International Convention and Exhibition Center is composed of International Exhibition Center, international ecological Conference Center, supporting hotel group, supporting business group and Zhongtian 201 center. It is a super large modern conference and Exhibition complex integrating exhibition, conference, hotel, catering, cultural entertainment and leisure vacation, business office, residence and comprehensive services.

  The total construction area of the International Exhibition Center is about 280000 square meters, including 120000 square meters of exhibition hall, which is composed of indoor standard exhibition hall and outdoor square. The indoor Pavilion includes 8 independent pavilions and 1 registration hall; the outdoor square has a construction area of 30000 square meters. The international exhibition center can set up 6000 international standard booths, which is one of the largest exhibition centers in China, with the most advanced facilities and the most complete supporting facilities.

  The international ecological Conference Center is one of the largest and most advanced intelligent ecological conference centers in China, with a construction area of 65000 square meters. There are a large conference hall with a desk of 3500 people, a large banquet hall with 3000 people (the western buffet can accommodate 4500 people), an international conference hall with 500 people, a press release hall and a news workshop. All the above conference halls are equipped with simultaneous translation function. There are also 14 meeting rooms for 40-200 people and more than 20 business VIP halls.


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