Guangzhou Chuangyi network media Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Guangzhou Chuangyi interactive vision) is a cross-border technology-oriented enterprise dedicated to the creative design and production of interactive multimedia products, software technology research and development, and human-computer intelligent interaction research and development and promotion. It is a high-tech company with vision algorithm technology and motion recognition technology as the core and independently develops human-computer interaction software. At the same time, it has in-depth research and development in the fields of Internet games, o2o projects and large-scale amusement machines.

  Guangzhou Chuangyi interactive vision has a professional team engaged in the design and development of multimedia interactive software and games, providing professional multimedia interactive design and production for different projects. Chuangyi interactive vision will lead the new trend in the field of multimedia interaction with strong strength, amazing creativity, professional service, perfect overall solution and after-sales tracking system, and provide advanced and practical human-computer interaction products for users with incomparable dedication.

  Guangzhou Chuangyi interactive vision will lead the new trend in the field of multimedia interaction with its strong strength, amazing creativity, professional service, perfect overall solutions and after-sales tracking system. It will provide users with advanced and practical human-computer interaction products with incomparable dedication.



Become a world-class cross-border multimedia technology company


To provide customers with online, offline, software, hardware four areas of comprehensive cross-border solutions

sense of worth

create › Create competitiveness for customers, create development for employees, and create profits for enterprises
share › Expand the human resources of the community; exchange ideas with each other, so that there is a new angle
happy › Experience and develop technology to benefit the public
efficiency › High efficiency, high efficiency and high efficiency. It aims to improve the management level, work efficiency and economic benefits, and realize the value maintenance and appreciation of state-owned assets
free › With clear goals, everyone has the maximum freedom to do things in their own way
Be honest › Honesty has the power to simplify the complex! The habit of honesty is a basic requirement for everyone
win-win › Strengthen the benign interaction and harmonious development between enterprises and economy, society and environment, and realize the joint development of enterprises and society




Chuangyi interactive vision is a senior multimedia interactive technology company, which has been committed to interactive projection, digital waterfall interactive display system, holographic imaging, somatosensory recognition, ar Augmented reality interactive projection, large screen interaction and other multimedia interactive display products for many years.


We will regularly organize a series of team activities, including outward bound training, hiking, inspection and study, annual meeting party, anniversary celebration, reading club, various competitions, outing, staff dinner, Lobster Festival, outdoor BBQ and other team activities, so as to continuously enrich the staff's life, enhance the team cohesion and show the team's style.



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